46th Göteborg International Film Festival

Sweden, January 27 - February 5 2023

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The jury

Teréz Vincze (Hungary), Beat Glur (Switzerland), Britt Sørensen (Norway)

Awarded films

Jury Motivation:

“The film’s story takes us up to the most northern part of Europe where some 40 years ago Norwegian national history was written. Those events raised the consciousness of Norwegian society and led to the modern Sámi awakening. The strong and well-balanced script features a universal issue that is impressively manifested in the performance of a young Sámi woman played by non-professional Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen in her first screen appearance. The movie masterfully conveys the sorrowful mood caused by the threat of a disappearing culture, of the loss of identity, of language, and of family ties.”

Co-producer Lizette Jonjic