23rd Festival of European Cinema, Lecce

Italy, November 12 - November 19 2022

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The jury

Joanna Orzechowska-Bonis (France), Paola Casella (Italy), Živa Emeršič (Slovenia)

Awarded films

Motivation: “For its original idea and  smart development of the deceivingly simple story that begins as a absurd search for a cat supposedly hidden in the walls of the upper middle-class residential building. This surreal search led by a strong and independent central female character reveals a multilayered portait of a modern Turkish society, represented by the inhabitants of the building, functioning on the basis of civil cowerdness and conformity. The starting light tone of the movie turns into a serious introspective of a position of the woman in modern Turkey, but its critical tones remain smartly hidden under the cover of a cat-hunt without losing its strong message.”