11th Luxor African Film Festival

Egypt, March 4 - March 10 2022

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The jury

Rita Di Santo (UK), Veronika Zakonjšek (Slovenia), Fayza Hindawy (Egypt)

Awarded films

The juryMotivation: “It is a beautifully fresh breath of pure cinema – a convincing and tightly-constructed movie quietly assesses the problems of modernity in a world where people are struggling to survive; an exploration of class struggle recalling classics like “Bicycle Thieves”. At its most essential, the film cries out with humanity, telling a universal story with dignity, tenderness and deep compassion. Poignant and heart-breaking, this is a wonderful gem of contemporary cinema.” 

The jury (from left): Veronika Zakonjsek, Rita di Santo, Fayza Hindawy