IFF Rotterdam 2024

The Netherlands, January 25 - February 4 2024

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The jury

Ela Bittencourt (Brazil), Antonis Lagarias (France), Darta Cerina (Latvia), Panagiotis Kotzathanasis (Greece), Ronald Rovers (The Netherlands)

Awarded films

Kiss Wagon

Motivation: “For a film that astounded us with its epic story about a superhero and its bold defiance of cinematic conventions. With an intricate collage of styles and genres, and an artisanal, very personal craft, it reminded us that cinema is a limitless space for play and invention, which constantly renews itself. We would like to celebrate the director’s sheer spunk and freshness in approaching the grave issue of lack of liberties and of sexual and gender repression in a manner that combines humor, spectacle, and intrigue.” (Photo: Courtesy IFFR)