Darta Cerina

Film Critic, Latvia

Dārta Ceriņa is a Latvian film and theater researcher, journalist, and critic. Since 2017 she is a research assistant and a lecturer at the LAC Research Centre and is studying semiotics at the master’s level at the University of Tartu. She works on research projects in the field of semiotics of cinema and performing arts, journalism, and criticism, developing interdisciplinary approaches, and putting them into practice. Currently Ceriņa writes for SestDiena and Kino Raksti, also contributes to the Latvian Radio channel LR1.

Ceriņa has expanded her knowledge by participating in scientific conferences, festivals and workshops dedicated to performing and audio-visual arts at both local and international level. She works at Riga International Film Festival (Riga IFF) as a curator and film catalogue editor, as well as has organized several scientific conferences and workshops, and artistic events as a creative producer, including the International Festival of New Theatre – Homo Novus. 

In 2023 she joined the artistic management team of Dailes Theatre in Riga as an international programmer and agent. During 2022 she had a weekly selection of films in video format for Latvian streaming service Tet+ – each week Ceriņa highlighted best in film and tv series. Meanwhile, she gives lectures and is one of the main lecturers at the film literacy and education school Antoine Doinel for non-professionals.

Ceriņa is a member of FIPRESCI Latvia since 2018 and Golden Globe international voter since 2022.