74th Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival

Germany, February 15 - February 25 2024

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The jury

György Báron (Hungary), Barbara Lorey de Lacharriere (France), Nace Zavrl (Slovenia), Darta Cerina (Latvia), Deniz Sertkol (Germany), Barbara Schweizerhof (Germany), Joyce Yang (Hong Kong), Schayan Riaz (Germany), Ron Fogel (Israel), Ninos Feneck Mikelides (Greece), Nicolás Medina (Uruguay), Sebastiaan Khouw (The Netherlands)

Awarded films

My Favourite CakePresented in the Interational Competition: My Favourite Cake:
“A disarming love story between two lonely elderly people, set in a melancholic atmosphere in today’s Iranian society, told in a beautiful and touching way with humor and empathy.” (Photo: Mohammed Haddadi)


Shown in the Encounters Competition: Sleeping with Your Eyes Open:
“A mesmerizing contemplation on hyper-globalization, turning everything identical, understandable, and lonesome. Exploring the convulsion of migrant stories coming together, the charismatic protagonist mirrors the lives of nomadic workers in a coastal Brazilian city. The film’s multilinguistic structure works organically within its layered narrative architecture, rendering individual experiences into universal parables. Travelers and migrants, lovers, and the boredom-infected dwell in a story within a story that lingers socially, artistically, and personally.” (Photo: Victor Juca)

From the Panorama program: Faruk. “This mock-documentary is a tremendously profound film. The genuine and nuanced portrayal of the evolving perspectives of both a father and his daughter on their home and relationship over time elevates it, challenging stereotypes by embodying the vitality and joys that remain in older age. For deeply and authentically illuminating global themes through personal stories of aging and change, this mock-documentary achieves artistic excellence and social insight. It deserves this recognition for its moving and powerful work.” (Photo: Emre Erkmen)

From the Forum program: The Human Hibernation:
“In an age where the meaning of films is spoon-fed to the audience, it‘s refreshing to see a very personal picture open to all kinds of interpretations. In this brave film shot in challenging surroundings, there are profound reflections on life, nature, family and humankind‘s place in the world. Combining extraordinary sound design with delicate uses of photography, this never feels like the work of a first-time filmmaker.”


Jurors Nicolás Medina & Schayan Riaz with the crew of The Human Hibernation

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