Nicolás Medina

Film Critic, Uruguay

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1994. FIPRESCI jury at the 76th Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard). He is a film critic and board member of the Uruguayan Film Critics Association (ACCU). Golden Globes International voter. Holds an audiovisual technician diploma issued by the DGETP (General Direction of Technic Professional Education), and he’s currently completing the Audiovisual Communication Degree at Universidad ORT (ORT University Uruguay). He writes about film and television for Montevideo Portal’s Latido Beat.

He has also completed different courses and workshops at ECU (Uruguay Film School) such as Journalistic Documentary, Cinema and Literature, and Film Critic. Student jury at the 19th International Film Schools Festival (Uruguay). ACCU jury at the 39th Uruguay International Film Festival (International Competition), at the 40th Uruguay International Film Festival (Ibero-American Competition) and at the 10th DETOUR: New Film Festival (Medium and Feature Films Competition). He is also a director and screenwriter on the films Desconocido (2022) and N’Xalá (2021). His movies have been selected for different film festivals such as “FCIU” – Uruguay International Film Festival, “DETOUR” – New Film Festival, “TENEMOS QUE VER” – International Film and Human Rights Festival of Uruguay, “ATLANTIDOC” – International Documentary Film Festival of Uruguay, “FICNOVA-ANIFF”- Active Nonviolence International Film Festival and “LANAFF” – Latino and Native American Film Festival.