33rd Stockholm International Film Festival

Sweden, November 9 - November 20 2022

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The jury

Rita Di Santo (UK), Hsin Wang (Taiwan), Setareh Yousefi (Sweden)

Awarded films

Prize: “World War III” (Jang-e Jahani Sermon) by Houman Seyyedi (Iran, 2022, 117 min).

Motivation: “Complex, humorous, moving, provocative, and profoundly humane, ‘World War III’ is wearing well. A visceral experience, immersing the audience in the vicious delirium of filmmaking. The director paints a picture of a lonely man treated with disregard, with enough humanity and understanding to make us root for him throughout. A work of astonishing power and freshness, layered with a multitude of subtleties, unveils the reality of Iranian society, corruption among all.”  www.stockholmfilmfestival.se