68th Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid

Spain, October 21 - October 28 2023

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The jury

Nino Kovacic (Croatia), Rosana G. Alonso (Spain), Rwita Dutta (India)

Awarded films

Motivation: “This fiction debut feature tries to speak of the unspoken in a fresh and innovative film language, and yet in a deeply emotional way, by inviting to open a dialogue about sins of the past Spanish regime that will point towards a path of healing wounds. With an overwhelming poetic force and intuitive directing, it provocatively explores hurtful politics through a story of subtle interconnections between the protagonists. The film narratively plays with the numerous possibilities that the art form offers, making it not only a strong story that needs to be told but also creating an encapsulating emotional and psychological atmosphere that makes us even more determined to break the silence that the Spanish society is burdened by”.