76th Venice International Film Festival

Italy, August 28 - September 7 2019

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The jury

Esin Kücüktepepinar (Turkey), Dubravka Lakic (Serbia), Ariel Schweitzer (France), Renzo Fegatelli (Italy), Ofer Liebergall (Israel), Paola Olivieri (Italy)

Awarded films

Motivation, An Officer and a Spy:
For having choose to treat an important historical event – The Dreyfus affair – from an unusual point of view – that of Capitain Picquart, for it’s rigorous a and elegant mis-en-scene, for the powerful dialogues and the exceptional performance by all of the actors, we have decided by a majority of votes to give the FIPRESCI prize of the best film in main competition to J’accuse by Roman Polanski.

Motivation, White on White:
For a unique examination of a journey toward modernity and insanity in the remote part of the world, while combining a harsh description genocide and a expressing a soul of an artist. The film offers stunning images and a delicate performance by Alfredo Castro. We have decided unanimously to give the FIPRESCI prize of the best film in parallel sections to Blanco en Blanco by Theo Court.