Ariel Schweitzer

Film Critic, France

Cinema historian, film critic in the French magazine Les Cahiers du cinema and professor (Paris VIII / Tel-Aviv University), Ariel Schweitzer is the author of Le nouveau cinema israélien (Paris, 2013, Tel-Aviv, 2017), Le cinéma israélien de la modernité (Paris 1997 / Tel-Aviv, 2003) and the editor of Il cinema israeliano contemporaneo (Venezia, 2009). He is also the translator to Hebrew of Notes sur le cinématographe by the French director Robert Bresson and the curator of many film’s rétrospectives, both in Israel, Europe and South America, dedicated to Robert, Bresson, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Rivette, Vittorio De Sica, David Perlov, Amos Gitai and Uri Zohar.