22nd Festival of Central and Eastern European Film - goEast, Wiesbaden

Germany, April 19 - April 25 2022

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The jury

Alik Shpilyuk (Ukraine), Senem Erdine (Turkey), Konstanty Kuzma (Germany)

Awarded films

These are the jury’s motivations:

“The award for the Best Feature Film goes to a complex film that works on many different levels and resonates in many different ways with the terrible war happening right now. It’s a moving exploration of personal grief and the different shapes it can take. It is a subtle depiction of how the traces of a violent history are imprinted forever in a community. And in the meantime, it is unconventionally absorbing as both a crime mystery and a road movie.”

“The award for the Best Documentary goes to a film that we found to be convincing on all levels: artistic, cinematic, human, personal, and political. We especially like to point out the filmmaker’s ability to empathize with and be respectful towards the protagonist while being both gentle and protective.”