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Call for Papers:
Conference Commemorating the 100th Anniversary
of Armenian Cinema
Source: Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists

Conference Overview

The year 2023 marks the centenary of the Armenian film industry, which was established one hundred years ago in the Soviet Republic of Armenia. Less than two years later, the first Armenian film production, the documentary feature “Soviet Armenia” was released across the USSR, setting the course for one of the most multifaceted and complex cinematic legacies in the Near East.

Though comparably modest in scale, the output of the Armenian film industry boasts several internationally recognized works whose impact and importance extend far beyond the confines of Armenian culture. Aside from globally-revered masterpieces by the likes of Sergei Paradjanov and Artavazd Pelechian, Armenian films also served as an important early platform for some of the first realistic, anti-colonial depictions of Middle Eastern nations.

The narratives and issues touched upon by Armenian filmmakers address key problems that have defined the development of human civilization throughout modernity. The relevance of these perspectives is particularly tangible and fresh today since they address universal subjects, such as global wars, genocide, colonialism, class oppression, cultural identity, gentrification, and women’s rights, from a peripheral position where Western and Eastern cultural paradigms meet, clash, and often interlope.

Intending to both celebrate and critically reassess this rich heritage, the National Cinema Center of Armenia under UNESCO patronage is pleased to announce an upcoming conference dedicated to celebrating the remarkable milestone of the 100th anniversary of Armenian cinema. This conference aims to bring together scholars, professionals, and enthusiasts from the global film community to discuss and explore various aspects of cinema, its preservation, and future development. We invite researchers and practitioners to submit their original contributions related to the following main topics:

– Women’s Contribution to Cinema
– Preservation, Restoration, and Distribution of Film Heritage
– Exploring Mechanisms and Perspectives in Film Production and Distribution
– Government Policies and Management Systems in the Audiovisual Sector

Please confirm your participation as a guest or as a speaker.

The working languages are English, Armenian, and French.

Join us to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armenian cinema and engage in meaningful discussions about the past, present, and future of the global film industry. We look forward to welcoming you to Yerevan for this special event.

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National Cinema Center of Armenia

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