Bashar Ibrahim 1962 – 2017

On March 30, The Arab cinema and criticism mourned one of its loyal lovers: Palestinian film critic and historian Bashar Ibrahim who passed away at age of 54 after a battle with cancer. Bashar Ibrahim was born on August 3, 1962, in the Khan Dannun refugee camp, Syria. He started his career as a short-stories author before turning into film criticism in mid 90s. Since then, he wrote thousands of articles, and specialized in the Palestinian cinema history, issuing various books including “Palestinian Cinema in 20th Century”, “Palestine in Arab Cinema” and “The Milestones in New Palestinian Cinema: Elia Sulaiman, Michael Khalefe & Rashid Masharawi”. He moved in to Dubai, were he worked as editor-in-chief of Dubai International Film Festival daily bulletin. He also supervised the film, drama and program production in Al Shourokchannel, Dubai. (Ahmed Shawky)