Daniil Dondurey, 1947 – 2017

Daniil DondoreyDaniil Dondurey, almost 70, died in Israel after a fight against illness. He was an important figure of post-Soviet cultural landscape. Educated as a sociologist of culture, he was connected with the alternative informal art scene of the late 1980s. When Perestroika happened, he became the leading analyst of film production and film distribution in Russia. For almost 25 years he was editor-in chief of “Iskusstvo Kino”, the oldest Russian film magazine and the only film magazine which is still published regularly. He managed to keep the magazine even after his conflict with Nikita Mikhalkov, when the “Film-Makers Union” took away their office. Dondurei was also member of Human Rights Council within the structure of the President of Russia. (Andrei Plakhov)