Dimitris Charitos

Dimitris Charitos, veteran Greek film critic and poet, died on January 7, of heart failure, in Athens. He was 92.  

Dimitris Charitos who is best remembered with his graceful style and gentle approach, was born in 1930 in Athens. He studied political science and economics at the University of Athens. He has been writing critical and theoretical texts on cinema and the visual arts since the early 1960s, while also engaging in poetry. For many years he served as the General Secretary and the President of the Panhellenic Association of Film Critics (PEKK), while in the years 1991-1993 he was the Vice President of the Hellenic Film Center. For fourteen years he was a member of the National Cinema Advisory Council of the Ministry of Culture. In the period 2000-2002 he was the artistic director of the (then) International Documentary Festival of Kalamata. He has been a member of juries at several film festivals in Greece and abroad. He was a film critic in the magazines “Anti” and “Nea Estia”. He appeared in literature in 1955 with the poetry collection “History of April” (n. Edition). The poetic collections “Adventures with the Sun, the Sea and Love” followed, id. edition, 1961, “Mandragores”, published by Filippotis, 1980, and more recently the collection “Myths and Autobiographies”, published by Gavriilidis, 2009.