Films at “Eurasia”

The “Eurasia Film Festival” which normally takes place in the Kazakh city of Almaty, moved this year to the capital of the country, Astana – mainly to become a part of the EXPO (dedicated to Future Energy).

The Critics Prize, dedicated to films from the Central Asian Region, went to “Aritmiya” (Arrythmia) by Boris Khlebnikov (Russia, 2017, 114 min), “for the artistic perfection with which it develops a rich panorama of contemporary characters, and for the sensitive direction of wonderful actors”.

The jury wants to mention the visual qualities of the film “The Pomegranate Orchard” (Nar bagi) by Ilgar Najaf (Azerbaijan, 2017, 90 min).

The jury remembers the great Kazhak critic Bauyrzhan Nogerbek, who had accompanied the national cinema (in particular the Kazakh New Wave of the 90s) with his writings; and who has passed away a few weeks ago.

Jury members were Klaus Eder, Germany; Eugénie Zvonkine, Russia / France; and Aleksandra Porshneva, Kazakhstan.