Isaac León Frías to receive FIPRESCI’s Ibero-American Criticism Award at the Fénix 2017

Isaac Leon FriasPeruvian film critic, writer and professor Isaac León Frías will receive the Ibero-American Criticism Fénix award, attributed by FIPRESCI, the International Federation of Film Critics, during the fourth Fénix Awards ceremony, on December 6 in Mexico City. His ceaseless and passionate work over more than five decades has inspired and taught several generations of critics, cinephiles and students. The former director of “Hablemos de cine” magazine (from 1965 to 1984) and of the Lima Cinematheque (1986-2001) is also the active author of a number of books on film history, including “Grandes ilusiones. De Eisenstein a la neo-comedia romántica” and “El nuevo cine latinoamericano de los años sesenta. Entre el mito político y la modernidad fílmica”.

Since the creation of the Fénix Awards ( by Cinema23 ( in 2014, a special prize decided by FIPRESCI acknowledges the contribution to film criticism in Ibero-America. In the past, it has been presented to José Carlos Avellar, from Brazil, Jorge Ayala Blanco, from Mexico, and Miguel Marías, from Spain.