FIPRESCI 90 Platinum Award: Ettore Scola

At the Bari International Film Festival (Italy, March 21-28, 2015), FIPRESCI celebrated its 90th anniversary with a series of masterclasses and award ceremonies dedicated to Alan Parker, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Costa-Gavras, Andrzej Wajda, Edgar Reitz, Margarethe von Trotta and Nanni Moretti.

And to Ettore Scola.

Motivation. “At the occasion of its 90th anniversary and 43 years after having awarded him for “Trevico – Torino” at MIFED 1972, FIPRESCI acknowledges once again the talent of one of the greatest film directors of all times: Ettore Scola.

Over the years, this outstanding author has written and directed masterpieces that forged the imagery of audiences from the whole world, narrating with subtle and sometimes sharp irony both miseries and splendors, hopes and failures of his numerous and eternal characters, played by legendary actors, from Mastroianni to Gassman, Sordi, Tognazzi, Manfredi and Sophia Loren, just to name the Italian ones.

His cinema, ahead of his time and prophetic, moved generations of spectators to perceive under a different light the themes and ideas that — through shrewdness, wit and sometimes piercing sarcasm, and with an impassioned amusement — narrate the stories of women and men of our times.

With movies like “One Million Dollars”, “Will Our Heroes be Able to”, “A Drama of Jealousy”, “The Most Wonderful Evening of My Life”, “We All Loved Each Other so Much”, “Ugly, Dirty and Bad”, “A Special Day”, “The Terrace”, “The Ball”, “Splendor”, “What Time is it?”, “Captain Fracassa’s Journey”, “The Dinner”, “How Strange to be Named Federico”, just to name a few titles of his vast filmography both as a film director and a screenwriter, Ettore Scola, with style and novelty, reached the acme of the artistic and cinematic excellency.”

Photo: FIPRESCI General Secretary Klaus Eder presents the “FIPRESCI 90 Platinum Award” at the Bari Petruzzelli Theater to Ettore Scola.