Kirill Razlogov passed away

On September 26, Kirill Razlogov passed away. The Soviet and Russian film critic, culturologist, festival curator and TV presenter was also a program director of Moscow Film Festival,  Doctor of Art History, President of the Russian Guild of Film Critics,  author of 14 books and about 600 articles on history of art and cinema. He was born on May 6, 1946 in Moscow, to the family of a diplomat. In 1969, he graduated from the Department of History and Theory of Art of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University and, in 1984, from  the Academy of Foreign Trade.

In 1969, he was hired by the USSR State Film Fund as a researcher and entered a postgraduate course at the Institute of Art History. In 1975, at the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema, he defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Art History on the topic: “Problems of the formation of expressive means of feature films (1895-1917)”. In 1984, at the Academy of Social Sciences, he defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Art History on the topic: “The film process in modern bourgeois society. (A critical analysis of the interaction of cinema art and political and religious consciousness)”. In 1972, he began teaching — a course of lectures on the history of foreign cinema at the Higher Courses of screenwriters and directors. In 1989, he curated (together with Maya Turovskaya) a retrospective of Soviet and German totalitarian cinema at Moscow Film Festival.

Andrei Plakhov