Naum Kleiman, Honorary Member

Naum Kleiman, the Russian film historian, has been appointed Honorary Member of the International Federation of Film Critics. FIPRESCI honors his exceptional contribution to film culture, by underlining, in particular, his dedication to the heritage of Sergei Eisenstein (in the legendary Eisenstein Museum in Moscow), his commitment to the history of Soviet and Russian cinema (in the Moscow Film Museum), and his lively and open-minded interest in the theory and history of cinema. In 1987, Naum was awarded a FIPRESCI Prize for the retrospective which he curated at the Moscow Film Festival. At the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, Naum was awarded the Berlinale Camera. Incomprehensibly, the authorities have never appreciated his work and have repeatedly put obstacles in his path. Naum is the embodiment of cinematic memory. We are proud to have him with us.

Photo: Naum Kleiman (left), FIPRESCI General Secretary Klaus Eder