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FIPRESCI redesigns website at the occasion of its 90th anniversary

To better serve film professionals and cinephiles, FIPRESCI – the International Federation of Film Critics has redesigned its website. The responsive design and the database containing film reviews related to more than 1200 films, filmmakers and film festival editions positions www.fipresci.org  as a gateway to cinema through film criticism.

The official website of the International Federation of Film Critics – FIPRESCI has been redesigned, at the occasion of the Federations’s 90th anniversary, by Berk Ozler, the founder of the Istanbul based digital agency Mingus (www.mingus.co) . Through this renewal, the website got a refreshed design and bolsters available contents, thus making the site more visually appealing and intuitive along with helping users more quickly to access the information they’re looking for. Being a cinephile himself, Berk Ozler states that he designed www.fipresci.org as a referential source for film lovers all around the globe. Here’s an overview of the renewal.

Improved navigation and database. The database and navigation of FIPRESCI’s website have been improved to better serve its purpose as a gateway to cinema through film criticism. A simple search will now help various users from across the globe to find the reviews and awards they are looking for, including links to a variety of film festivals. Additionally, the site has been equipped with a new members area which enables international film critics all over the world to participate in FIPRESCI’s activities more efficiently and to communicate with their colleagues. Every FIPRESCI member has a personal menu.

Revised and enlarged archive. The archive of FIPRESCI Awards dates back to 1946 (the very first FIPRESCI Prize has been presented at the first edition of the Cannes Film Festival). So far files on 924 films, 784 festivals, 1796 reports, 2070 personalities have been uploaded. Awards and festival reports will be updated continuously. In this manner, the Federation will work to provide film professionals and cinephiles around the world with timely and accurate information of films and film festivals.

Mobile compatibility. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming a fixture in our everyday lives. For this reason, Mingus developped a responsive web design, to provide such features as an enhanced mobile navigation and an automatic page layout adjustment to match the user’s viewing environment.

To view the redesigned FIPRESCI website please visit www.fipresci.org

About Mingus. Mingus is a high technology and art oriented digital agency. It was founded by Berk Ozler in 2004 who was then teaching history of jazz at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. Among the other international clients of the Mingus are Lufthansa, European Bank and Schutzklick. The company has won seven Golden Spider awards in Turkey and four different awards in the international arena for its simple yet elegant web designs often inspired by works of art. Web: www.mingus.co

Munich/Istanbul, February 6, 2015
Alin Tasciyan, President
Klaus Eder, General Secretary