Call for Release of Iranian Filmmakers

FIPRESCI condemns the arrests of Iranian filmmakers Mohammad Rasoulof, Mostafa Al-ahmad and Jafar Panahi. We call for their immediate release, along with other non-violent political detainees. Filmmakers, journalists, activists and everyone else who peacefully protest against human rights violations and violence, who demand their civil rights, and who express their ideas in media and through their works of art should be freed all around the world. 

Three-time FIPRESCI Award-winner Jafar Panahi, twice FIPRESCI Award-winner Mohammad Rasoulof, and other filmmakers have been repressed for years and they have often been deprived of their freedom. On Friday July 8, Rasoulof and Al-Ahmad, and on Monday July 11, Panahi, were once again arrested while protesting against violence against their compatriots. Many other Iranian filmmakers have suffered the same fate throughout the years. We stand in solidarity with them and all the filmmakers, journalists and activists under such political repression throughout the world.

July 12, 2022