Rio de Janeiro: Films about workers and immigrants

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, October 6-16, 2016). At this major event, our jury focused on the cinemas of the continent.

The Prize of the International Film Critics  (FIPRESCI Prize) at the 18th International Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro 2016 went to two films which in a most engaging and powerful way talk about the miserable social conditions of workers and of immigrants, both in Bolívia and Brazil.

Prize for the Best Latin American Film: “Dark Skull” (Viejo calavera) by Kiro Russo (Bolívia, 2016, 80 min).

Prize for the Best Brazilian Film: “Era o Hotel Cambridge” by Eliana Caffé (Brazil, 2016, 93 min).

Jury members were Klaus Eder, Germany (, Ivonete Pinto, Brazil (Porto Alegre, Abbracine)(“Teorema Critica de Cinema”, “Orson”, “Zero Hora”), Filippo Pitanga (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, ACCRJ).

A special event was organized in remembrance of José Carlos Avellar, our colleague and friend who passed away recently. Brazilian filmmaker Carlos Diegues received the FIPRESCI Lifetime Achievement Award (Latin America). Together with Berlinale and Goethe-Institut, we organized the first “Talent Press” workshop for young critics.