Greek Films in Thessaloniki

At the 56th Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece, November 6-15, 2015), the critics jury followed the international competition and the Greek Panorama.

Prize, International Competition: “Silent” (Silent) by Giorgos Gikapeppas (Greece, 2015, DCP, 92 min), “For a graphic depiction of the divisions and claustrophobia in a successful artistic family and for expressing these feelings with or without words.” Print Source: Production: Film Society, Co-production: Wrong Men,, 10 box 3, Moris Street, 1060 Brussels, Belgium, Phone: +32 479 43 98 22, E-mail:; World Sales: Film Society Yorgos Gkikapeppas,

Prize, Greek Film Competition: “Blind Sun” (Blind Sun) by Joyce A. Nashawati (Greece, France, 2015, DCP, 88 min), “For the masterful use of genre motifs depicted through outstanding Cinematography to convey an original viewpoint on the scorching issue of immigration.” Print Source: Production: Blonde SA, GLP Production, TBC Production; World Sales: Greek Film Centre, ? +30 210 3678505/6,

Jury members were: Steven Yates, UK (“Film International, UK”, “El Hype”), Janka Barkóczi, Hungary (“Filmvilág”), Joseph Proimakis, Greece (“”,