Treasures of European Film Culture

The European Film Academy presents a new initiative: “Treasures Of European Film Culture”, a list of places of a symbolic nature for European cinema, places of historical value that need to be maintained and protected not just now but also for generations to come. The initiative was inspired by an idea of EFA Members Naum Kleiman and Ulrich & Erika Gregor. Film historian and former director of the Moscow Film Museum Naum Kleiman will be awarded the Berlinale Camera this year. Ulrich and Erika Gregor (association “Freunde der Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek”, Berlin) are co-founders of the Berlinale Forum and have received this award in 2010. All three of them have received an EFA Award of Merit in 1993. 

The first four places on that list are:

The Bergmancenter in Fårö
The Eisenstein Centre in Moscow
The Institut Lumière in Lyon
The World of Tonino Guerra in Pennabilli

Further information at the European Film Academy.