Abbas Bozkurt

Film Critic, Turkey

Abbas Bozkurt is an Istanbul based film critic. He is a member of the Turkish Film Critics Association (SIYAD). He holds a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Bogazici University. He has been a part of the editorial board of the Turkish cinema magazine Altyazi since 2008. His area of interest ranges from European Arthouse, Slow Cinema and American Independent Cinema to New Turkish Cinema. He has been writing film reviews for various monthly Turkish magazines like Time Out Istanbul and Sabit Fikir. His articles about film and other popular culture forms have been published in books such as Baskaldiran Bedenler: Türkiye’de Transgender, Aktivizm ve Altkültürel Pratikler and Türk Sinemasinda 100 Unutulmaz Karakter. His translation of the Photography: The Whole Story, a comprehensive book about history of photography by London based Thames&Hudson, is published in 2015 in Turkey. He continues to focus on film analysis and literary studies.