Irina Codrea-Trocan

film critic, Romania

Irina Trocan is a Film Studies Lecturer at the National University of Theatre and Cinema in Bucharest (UNATC) and freelances as a film critic, having contributed to Cineaste, Sight & Sound, photogénie, desistfilm. Irina balances academic and cinephile writing, having edited an anthology of documentary theory, The reality of fiction, the fiction of the real (Hecate Press, 2018, together with Andra Petrescu) and Romanian Cinema Inside Out – Insights on Film Culture, Industry and Politics 1912-2019 (Romanian Cultural Institute Press, 2019) and completing research as Fulbright and New Europe College fellow. Her latest volume is Audiovisual opposition: critical thinking in video essays and essay cinema (Idea Design & Print, 2020). Between 2011-2016, she programmed short films for the NexT International Film Festival.