13th Prishtina International Film Festival

Kosovo, August 24 - August 29 2021

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The jury

Anne-Christine Loranger (Canada), Michele Sancisi (Italy), Malik Berkati (Germany)

Awarded films

The FIPRESCI prize was handed out with the following motivation: “In a unity of place and time, the film brings us within the topography of a society plagued by corruption and lack of post-war perspective. The original setting for European cinema enables us to see the real everyday life, with lights and shadows, but also the inner world of a man and father-to-be, as well as a worker, at a crucial moment of his life. A very good performance, always subtle and delicate. This film offers powerful cinematography combined with exquisite metaphorical images in a brilliant direction. The hope of reconstruction materializes in a yellow balloon, which announces a new generation ready to take flight”.