53rd Valladolid International Film Festival

Spain, October 24 - November 1 2008

The jury

Leopoldo Muñoz (Chile), Furio Fossati (Italy), Maya Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Lotfi Ben Khelifa (Tunisia), Antonio Santamarina ()

Awarded films

53rd Valladolid International Film Festival. The ambience of the 53rd Valladolid International Film Festival (October 24 — November 1, 2008) was determined by the pace of the selected auteur’s films. The films in the official selection as a whole were in the auteur format and this is one of the most tempting traditions of this international festival which has been responsible for introducing the world cinema to the screens of Spain. At Seminci, one can feel the living spirit of the cinema des auteurs: the everlasting tradition of the French Nouvelle Vague, the “Neue Deutsche Film”, great directors from the Italian and Spanish cinemas and the Latin-American schools from the Golden Age of the movies in the middle of the last century. Modern cinema — the auteur’s cinema is still preoccupied with the avant-garde in film making even in our post-modern times. With a resounding enthusiasm, the audiences at Seminci traditionally crowd into the festival projection rooms.

The present times were the focus of the films in this year’s selection and the film awarded by the FIPRESCI Jury, The Window (La ventana), is a contemporary drama, with an aura of directly depicting the realities of the present day global world.