23rd goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film

Germany, April 27 - May 2 2023

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The jury

Živa Emeršič (Slovenia), Davide Magnisi (Italy), Tina Waldeck (Germany)

Awarded films

The best documentary, Motherland, was awarded with the following motivation: “For the brave revealing of the violence and corruption in Belarusian Army through the story of mothers trying to bring the culprits to justice. Regardless of the failure of their attempts, the film brings a strong message of the power of humanity and resistance”.

The best fiction, Remember to Blink, was awarded “for the careful and intense way of describing a delicate subject as the fulfillment of female desire for motherhood and family. The film dramatically deals with the confrontation between cultures and the problems of international child adoptions”.

Davide Magnisi, Heleen Gerritsen, Austėja Urbaitė, Živa Emeršič, Tina Waldeck
Alexander Mihalkovich, Heleen Gerritsen, Hanna Badziaka , Živa Emeršič, Davide Magnisi, Tina Waldeck