44th Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hong Kong, August 18 - August 31 2020

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The jury

Robert Horton (USA), Gideon Kouts (France), Ann Lind Andersen (Denmark)

Awarded films

"This is not a Burial, It's a Resurrection"

Motivation of our Hong Kong jury: “Set in a Lesotho village threatened by a dam project, the film uses a highly original combination of approaches: It’s about beautiful landscapes but also intensely-realized rooms; it’s awash with stylized colors but also documentary-like authenticity; and it invokes ancient storytelling traditions for its modern tale of grief channeled into social action. All of which relies on the intimate power of lead actress Mary Twala Mhlongo’s unforgettable face.”

The film won our prize again at the 2021 Luxor Festival of African Films.