42nd Istanbul Film Festival

Turkey, April 7 - April 18 2023

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The jury

Klaus Eder (Germany), Bojidar Manov (Bulgaria), Marietta Steinhart (Austria), Yesim Burul (Turkey), José Solís (Honduras), Ekrem Buğra Büte (Turkey)

Awarded films

The jury presented three prizes: to a feature-length film in the international competition; to a feature-length film in the national competition; and to a short film in the national competition. 

Next Sohee

Motivation of the International Competition: “Jung Joo-ri’s sophomore feature takes a brutal, insightful, and compassionate look at the systematic corruption and abuse young people endure under the oppression of capitalism”.

In The Blind Spot

Motivation of the National Competition: “The film focuses on the moral conflict of man’s everyday behavior and his most important personal values”.

March 8, 2020: A Memoir

Motivation of the Short Film Competition: “For discovering documentary essence in the unexpected ways of seeing and reflecting people’s political consciousness”.

Jury president Klaus Eder with prizewinner Ayşe Polat