75th Locarno International Film Festival

Switzerland, August 3 - August 13 2022

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The jury

Dana Linssen (Netherlands), Martin Horyna (Czech Republic), Müge Turan (Turkey), Peter Kremski (Germany), Sarah Stutte (Switzerland)

Awarded films

Copyright: Greenlight PicturesMotivation: “Drawing from a variety of traditional myths, speculative futures to social realist observations and performative rituals, our winner at the 75th Locarno Film Festival offers a multiplicity of perspectives on urgent themes such as violence against women, the question who has a right to citizenship and the way we deal with our natural environment. The jury praises how the film uses a great diversity of audio-visual media such as cartoons and animation, plays with genres such as the rape/revenge film and other narrative expectations, to escape from desperate and damaging cycles to a moment of hope for a possible future. This is a film that truly inspired us through its multilayered whirlwind of perceptions and sensibilities. Therefore, the FIPRESCI Jury gives the International Critics Award with great delight to the Malaysian film “Stone Turtle” by director Min Jing Woo.”

The jury (from left):
Sarah Stutte, Switzerland
Peter Kremski, Germany
Müge Turan, Turkey
Martin Horyna, Czech Republic
Dana Linssen, The Netherlands