21st Motovun Film Festival

Croatia, July 24 - July 28 2018

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The jury

Nino Kovacic (Croatia), Angelo Mitchievici (Romania), Ana Sturm (Slovenia)

Awarded films

The jury explained their choice: “Set at the backdrop of windy deserts and wild grasslands of northern Colombia, in turbulent times of drug-trafficking Bonanza, this family saga turns into a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. This skillfully crafted and multilayered work, full of rich and vibrant colors, expressive faces, and gripping visual details, spanning from anthropological research and landscape poetry to gangster film and western genre codes, takes us on an extraordinary journey from the mythical past to the uncertain future. The film is a mediator between old traditions, rituals, and superstitions of the country’s tribal history and the ever-growing appetite of the capitalism behind the drug-trafficking spiral of death that still strongly echoes in Colombia’s conflict-torn present”.