28th Schlingel – IFF for Children and Young Audiences, Chemnitz

Germany, September 22 - September 30 2023

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The jury

Igor Angjelkov (Macedonia), José Solís (Honduras), Holger Twele (Germany)

Awarded films

Jury Motivation:
“Does extra-terrestrial life exist? Have alien civilizations helped humanity evolve? Inspired by their father’s tales, two brothers seek answers to these and other big questions, until tragedy strikes threatening to destroy life as they know it. In a film where fantasy and reality subtly intertwine, and in which human loss and guilt are deftly dissected, we learn that few human experiences are as universal as grief. Anchored by a sensitive performance by Isak Guinard Butt, and displaying an original use of the camera, stop-motion, origami, and music, the FIPRESCI International Critics’ Prize therefore goes to the Canadian film ‘Echo to Delta’ by Patrick Boivin.”

"Echo to Delta"

“Echo to Delta”