79th Venice International Film Festival - Biennale di Venezia

Italy, August 31 - September 10 2022

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The jury

Eva af Geijerstam (Sweden), Mark Adams (UK), Ieva Sukyté (Lithuania), Paola Olivieri (Italy), Luca Baroncini (Italy), Sara Merican (Singapore)

Awarded films

The critics jury presented two prizes.

In the Competition, the FIPRESCI prize was given to Argentina, 1985 by Santiago Mitre.

Motivation: “The wounds of the violence of the Argentinian dictatorship continue to hurt and bleed, but director Santiago Mitre offers up a remarkably astute, reflective and often amusing film that tackles the famous 1985 trial of military leaders as the country looked for justice. He combines comedy and drama to find a precious balance in the story of the young legal team charged with unearthing and revealing the brutalities of the dictatorship as they challenge the ghosts of the past to seek justice.”

In the Orizzonti / Critics’ Week sections, the award went to Autobiography by Makbul Mubarak.

Motivation: “Through the film’s intimate portrait of two generations living under one roof, the director masterfully examines a painful historical period of transition in his nation. While staying deeply committed to the country’s sociopolitical context, the film also impressed us with its wider resonances for today’s world affairs”.

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