Flahertiana Without FIPRESCI

At »FLAHERTIANA« we’ve a jury from 2007 on. This year, 2015, the “International Documentary Film Festival” in the Russian city of Perm (at the foot of the Ural) suffers from severe financial restrictions and cannot host our jury. Here’s what the festival writes: 

Dear Klaus,

I’m Alina Shirinkina, Festival Chief Coordinator, writing from the main office of International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana. Hope, you remember me, last year we worked on the choice of FIPRESCI jury members for Flahertiana. The choice was great …

Unfortunatly, I have to inform you that this year we had to refuse the invitation for members of FIPRESCI jury. The fact that our festival is experiencing serious financial difficulties (Putin’s crisis, no state financial support, we got our budget just from the city local administration). This year we are going to celebrate the anniversary of the festival (15th edition | 20th Anniversary of Flahertiana). Due to serious problems in the Russian economy the real budget of the festival significantly decreased and we are doing everything possible to still hold the festival this year and maintain the competitive program and some non-competition events. Unfortunately, we had to give up a lot and look for additional opportunities (even for international jury expenses and competition program participants). 

Anyway, Pavel Petchenkin, me and the whole Flahertiana team is very grateful for the cooperation of the previous years. We sincerely hope that this situation will improve and the next year we will be able to work again.

Best regards,
Alina Shirinkina

Flahertiana: www.flahertiana.ru