Grand Prix 2017 Final Vote

Final phase of the poll for the Grand Prix 2017 – Best Film of the Year

Dear all,

Nearly 400 colleagues have already voted in the final phase of the poll for the Grand Prix 2017! If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you have until Sunday, August 13 (extended from the original Friday 11 deadline, for those who want to catch up on a film over the weekend) to cast your vote.

Remember that in this second and final phase we invite all members of FIPRESCI (whether you nominated films in the first phase or not; all members are welcome to vote) to choose their favourite film among the three shortlisted from the first (and totally open) phase of the poll – or vote blank. Just click here :
Mark your preference, validate your vote and then just hold on to find out who won.

The trophy will be presented to the winner during the opening ceremony of the San Sebastián Film Festival, on September 22.

Kind regards,
Pamela Biénzobas