Panorama of European Cinema, Athens 2022

Update November 8, 2022: The colloquium on European Cinema has been canceled.

This year’s festive 35th Panorama of European Cinema will take place from the 24th to the 30th of November and, to celebrate its 35 years, it will include a number of programmes and other activities.

Among them is a proposed colloque – to be confirmed during September following the decision on financing by the Ministry of Culture and various Institutions – to take place on the 29th of November, so that those taking part can stay for the closing ceremony which will be on the 30th of the month. The colloque’s subject: a discussion by FIPRESCI members from European countries on how they see the future of European Cinematographies after the recent Covid pandemic and the general economic crisis: production, distribution, release of films in cinema theatres, plus other ways of distribution (tv, Netflix, various platforms, etc.).

Any suggestions from you on these are very welcome!

For this, I propose to have either 8 or 10 FIPRESCI members (including the two members from the Festival Jury), some of them to come from major countries like Germany, France, Britain and Italy, and the others from countries with smaller film production.

This year’s main programme of the festival includes:
–          European Competition Programme
–          New Screenings: Films from the rest of the world
–          5 Greek critics and 5 Greek directors present their favourite Greek film of the 21st century
–          Tribute to: Alain Resnais (on the occasion of his birth centenary)
–          Tribute to Georges Simenon: Simenon in films
–          Christopher Lee’s versatile talent
–          Francesco Rosi’s political cinema  
–          48 years of Attila: the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in films
–          Andjei Munk: the underrated Polish director who broke the socialist realism formulas
–          Silent film with live music: “The Joyless Street” by Georg Wilhelm Pabst   
–          The Short Scene: Short Films by graduate students of Film Schools

Parallel events:
–          A collogue on the Future of European Cinematographies (co-organized with FIPRESCI)
–         A) An exhibition on the 35 years of the Panorama

–          B) An exhibition by graduates of the School of Fine Arts (curator: professor & painter Yiannis Psychpedis) on one of the subjects of this year’s programmes
–          Master classes and Q & A by guests of the festival

Ninos Feneck Mikelides

* We can note your interest, but ask you to look (here) for updates.