General Assembly 2022, Call

To the National Sections
Invitation to the 2022 General Assembly
This text (as pdf) and the accreditation form can be downloaded from the Downloads area, here

Dear Colleagues,

We need to talk. About the traces that the catastrophes of our times left in our work, in our profession, in our self-image. The climate change. The pandemic. The war in Ukraine.

We can talk – in-person – at our annual assembly. It will again be organized in Hungary, in the city of Miskolc, in the framework of »CineFest – The International Film Festival Miskolc« (Miskolci Nemzetközi FilmFesztivál). The festival and its director Tibor Bíró host us again.

The festival dates are September 9–17, 2022. We are invited for four nights, for the period of September 12–16, 2022 (Sept 12 arrival / Sept 16 departure).

The Schedule

Arrival of the delegates to the assembly on Monday, September 12 (next airport: Budapest).

The assembly is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13 and 14.

On Thursday, September 15, the festival invites us in the morning to the screening of one or two new Hungarian films. Thursday late after noon is dedicated to Emeric Pressburger, the Miskolc-born writer and director. The festival “would like to invite FIPRESCI members who may be familiar with the work of Emeric Pressburger to participate in a round table discussion to mark the 125th anniversary of his birth … We are also planning a wreath-laying ceremony and a short memorial service at his birthplace in the city.” Three speakers of FIPRESCI are asked “to present their personal impressions, researches on the work of Pressburger etc.”

Departure: Friday, September 16.

The Miskolc invitation includes the hotel accommodation for four nights and the transportation from/to the Budapest airport (approximately a two-hour drive). On Tue and Wed (Sep 13, 14) lunch will be provided, a gala dinner is scheduled for the evening of September 15, Thursday.


All national sections are invited to participate and to appoint their delegate to the assembly. Each national section can nominate one delegate. In countries where two associations form the national section, both associations are requested to agree on one common delegate (two delegates maybe admitted only in case of available invitations).

Make the delegates known, in written, to the General Secretary (email to by Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 24 h CEST. (Please note that from statuary reason later arriving requests cannot be considered.)

Individual members (in principle in countries where a national section doesn’t exist) who wish to attend are kindly asked to contact the General Secretary.

Agenda. Aside the usual reports on our activities and the discussion of future projects (the 100th anniversary of FIPRESCI in 2025), the contemporary role and function of our federation needs to be discussed. National sections wishing to add any item to the agenda are asked to send their proposal, in written, to the General Secretary, by Tuesday, August 2, 2022. The agenda will be published middle of August on the members area of our website (, the id is “fipresci_member”, the password is “truffaut”)

Best regards,
Hope to see you in Miskolc (“in real”)
Klaus Eder