General Assembly 2023, Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

For our 2023 general assembly we can once again return to the Hungarian city of Miskolc. »CineFest – The International Film Festival Miskolc« and its head Tibor Bíró will again host us. We are happy about this attention to us and our profession.

Our presence in Miskolc will this time be shorter than in previous years. Budget reasons. The festival dates are September 1 to 9 (it overlaps with the major events of Venice and Toronto). The assembly is scheduled for Friday, September 8, 2023 (9:30 am to 6:00 pm). Arrival of the delegates: Thursday, September 7. Departure: Saturday, September 9.

The Miskolc invitation includes the hotel accommodation for two nights (Thu/Fri and Fri/Sat) and the transportation from/to the Budapest airport (a two hour drive).

Delegates. Our national sections are invited to appoint their delegate. Each section can nominate one delegate. In countries where two associations form the national section, both associations are requested to agree on one common delegate (two delegates maybe admitted in case of available festival invitations).

Make your delegate known, in written, to the General Secretary (at by August 11, 2023, 24 h CET. (From statuary reason later arriving requests cannot be considered.)

Do not book your flight before our confirmation.

Agenda. The General Secretary will ask the assembly to discuss if and how the structures of our federation need to be changed, to face the challenges of the time. A new board has to be elected that can handle this transition to a young and modern contemporary body. Aside the usual activity reports, future juries, events, projects need to be decided. National sections that wish to add an item to the agenda should contact the general secretary by August 11.

Call for candidates. The assembly is asked to elect the president and two vice-presidents, and to confirm the next term of a deputy general secretary (Alin Tasciyan or someone else). The acting president, our French colleague Isabelle Danel, has already served two terms and cannot be re-elected. Same concerns the acting vice-president, our Italian/British colleague Rita Di Santo, also she cannot be re-elected. Our Egyptian colleague Ahmed Shawky has served one term and could continue his work for FIPRESCI.

Besides the everyday routine (to assist the general secretary with the arrangement of 80 juries per year and dozens of special prizes and events), besides taking responsibility for special projects, such as the 100 year anniversary of FIPRESCI, besides representing us at major festivals and events, it is expected that the new board (of hopefully younger colleagues) prepares the transition to a new chapter of FIPRESCI, taking into consideration that the 35 years of office of the acting general secretary will sooner or later come to an end.

Our national sections are invited to nominate candidates by August 11, 2023 (one candidates for the president, two candidates for the vice-president, not restricted to candidates from their own section).

Best regards, hope to see you in Miskolc
Klaus Eder

Jury. As always, we will set up a jury that will follow the festival’s international competition. First screening: The opening on September 1, 5:00 pm (arrival in Budapest by 1:00 pm). Deliberation: on Thursday, September 7, morning. This year’s schedule makes it possible that the jury members could also participate as delegates in the assembly. Register as quick as possible.

Budapest Classics Film Marathon, an international film festival of restored classics, September 12 – 17, 2023. The organizers offer two nights for three delegates. “The visitors from FIPRESCI will get full accreditation to the festival program, which will be published on the website“, write the organizers. Colleagues who are interested should contact the event at

Published July 18, 2023

FIPRESCI – International Federation of Film Critics,
Klaus Eder, General Secretary