Grand Prix 2021 – Don’t Forget to Cast Your Vote

Last Reminder

Dear colleagues,

We are a few days away from knowing the winner of this year’s FIPRESCI Grand Prix for the Best Film of the Year, as the deadline is approaching.

All members of FIPRESCI are welcome to vote in this second and final phase, whether they took part in the first nominating phase or not (thank you very much to the colleagues who did). 

If you are among the more than 415 colleagues who already voted in this final phase, apologies for this reminder. If you haven’t voted yet, please click here until midnight (CET) on Friday, August 6, and cast your vote:

Please remember to validate your vote after choosing!

Once again you will be requested to identify yourself. This is only meant to make sure that the poll is only answered (only once) by members of FIPRESCI. Only I will have access to the information on who voted for which film.

Thank you once again for your participation.

Kind regards,
Eva Peydró

PS: Please do not share this link with anyone outside of FIPRESCI.