Situation and Future of Film Criticism

Dear Colleagues,

The situation of our profession has changed dramatically over the last decade. Therefore, FIPRESCI started a project on the current situation and the future of film criticism. The research is an online quantitative survey which will take around 10 minutes to complete and is totally confidential. The questionnaire – in English –  is available at the following link:    

Link to the Survey

Please, be so kind  to answer the questions as soon as you can. It is really vital that we get responses from all our members. The questionnaire is available on your laptop, you can also participate in the study using your mobile device.

The results will be presented during the FIPRESCI meeting in Bari in late April ’17, and then we will communicate the summary report to all Fipresci members.

Thanks so much for your help
Barbara Hollender, Vice-President