Visit St. Petersburg And See Russian Movies

In November film critics, members of FIPRESCI will have the opportunity to get better acquainted with the new Russian cinema. We are glad to announce the first FIPRESCI Colloquium dedicated to Russian cinema, in the city of St. Petersburg. “The aim of the event”, write our St Petersburg partners of “Seans”, “is to introduce to the members of FIPRESCI the best Russian movies created within the last two years, giving an idea of the situation in commercial and independent Russian cinema, as well as to organize a communication between movie creators and film critics”.   

Around ten films will be shown, followed by discussions with the film-makers. The date: November 13-15, 2017. 

12 participants will be invited, from Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. The invitation will cover costs of visa, air ticket, accommodation for three nights. “It would be great”, so our partners in St. Petersburg, “to host members of FIPRESCI who are not only writing about cinema, but are also involved in film curating and festival programming.”

Right after this FIPRESCI event, the “St. Petersburg Cultural Forum” begins. “We would be happy”, so our hosts, “if the invited film critics could stay in St Petersburg to participate in the events of the Cultural Forum. Our main event at the Forum will be a conference on technological revolutions in film and video and its potential for aesthetic evolution.”  

Colleagues who are interested to attend the colloquium (and the afterwards Forum) are kindly asked to indicate their interest (via their national sections, directly arriving requests cannot be considered). Please mention your special interest in / knowledge of Russian cinema. Send requests to Deadline: Sunday, July 30, 2017.

This will now only be a preliminary and tentative inquiry. Definite registrations will be done after the summer break.

Best regards
Klaus Eder