Jan Storø

Film Critic, Norway

Jan Storø is a film critic for Khrono – a daily paper owned by nine universities throughout Norway. It covers higher education and research nationally.  In addition, he writes for the film journals Cinema and Z.

He is also a Professor Emeritus of Social Pedagogy at The Faculty of Social Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University. Author of ten books.

His main interest is arthouse films, films from regions outside the dominating mainstream USA/Europe film scene (countries in the South) and documentary films.

Storø has taken part in juries as a Fipresci member in Tromsø 2018, Istanbul 2018, Munich 2018, Cannes 2019, Palic 2019, Krakow 2020, Mar del Plata 2020, Thessaloniki 2021, Warsaw 2021, Brussels 2022, Karlovy Vary 2023 and Rabat 2023.