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Dear colleagues, We are re-organizing our Internet appearance. Website: A revised version of was aired a few daya ago. We’re still in a phase of test and fine-tuning. Missing texts from earlier festivals will successively be uploaded, while texts about recent festivals will be put online immediately. For updates on our work see the […]

FIPRESCI Warsaw Critics Project

Talent Press, Warsaw 2015

10th FIPRESCI Warsaw Critics Projects – a training programme for young critics and film journalists from Central and Eastern Europe coordinated by the Warsaw Film Foundation and FIPRESCI, the International Federation of Film Critics. This year’s workshop will be held during the 31st Warsaw Film Festival, including the 11th CentEast Film Market, between 9 and […]



Updated: May 25, 2022Download the application form Take the list of next festivals and juries as a snapshot of a situation that is constantly evolving (Covid 19 is incalculable). In order to largely avoid outdated information, we gave up (for now) a printed circular (pdf), as in pre-Corona times. In stead we update – in […]


About Us

Members of FIPRESCI are associations of film critics in a variety of countries. Individual members can join in countries where an association does not exist.Both lists are undergoing revision. See the list of Individual members National Sections ArmeniaHayastani Kinogetneri ev Kinolragroghneri Asociacia (AAFCCJ)Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists#3 Moskovyan Str., Yerevan, ArmeniaPresident: Susanna […]