25th Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences, Chemnitz

Germany, October 10 - October 17 2020

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The jury

Holger Twele (Germany), Hamed Soleimanzadeh (Iran), Seray Genc (Turkey)

Awarded films


The FIPRESCI prize was given to Moon Rock for Monday with the following motivation: “This roadmovie about a young girl and a teenager does not solely show our nature from an absolutely extraordinary view, almost as if humankind would live on the moon. Even through the formal execution, the film encourages to question our viewing habits, and by this, the intertwined prejudices towards other people. Skillfully, common narrative patterns from other films are taken, in order to split them apart throughout the development of the characters and the further action. But most of all, the film which is entirely narrated from the perspective of the girl, who enchants through her genuineness, is a hymn of praise towards life and happiness of living for young and old alike.”