General Assembly 2016: Preliminary Agenda

Dear colleagues,

I am informing you about the preliminary agenda of our next general assembly. 

A new board has to be elected. The current president, our Turkish colleague Alin Tasciyan, can be re-elected for one more term. György Kárpáti, vice-president in charge of our website, has already completed two terms (à two years) and cannot be re-elected. Dana Linssen, our Dutch colleague, will not be available for a second term as vice-president (but would wish to continue her engagement for Talent Press initiatives).

As candidates for the board have been proposed:
President: Alin Tasciyan, Turkey;
The two vice-presidents: Isabelle Danel, France; and Barbara Hollender, Poland.

Also the usual topics will be included in the agenda: reports of activity (general secretary, president, vice-presidents), future juries and projects. 

The General Secretary will make a statement on the state of film criticicm and on the situation and future of FIPRESCI.

The work and condition of our juries need to be re-discussed. This concerns in particular the question how we should react on the growing limitations of festival budgets which unavoidably affect (and even endanger) the composition of our juries. As well, the requirements for jury members should be brought into question, especially in regard of languages and publications.

The assembly will also be asked to discuss and advise the question of a regular sponsorhip, and to decide on a a request from our Dutch colleagues who propose better financial resources for the operative colleagues in the board of the Federation.

The assembly will take place in the framework of the Bari International Film Festival, on April 3 and 4, 2016 (see circular 2/2016).

All national sections and all delegates will receive a further detailed information – about their participation as well as about the assembly.

I hope to see you in Bari.
Best regards
Klaus Eder
Munich, March 1, 2016