Grand Prix 2018 – First Voting Tour

Deadline coming up next Monday, so please don’t forget to send in your  nominations!

100 responses so far to the FIPRESCI Grand Prix Poll launched earlier this week! Thanks to all those who have sent in their nominations in this first phase! If you’re a member of Fipresci, don’t forget to nominate your favourites (via the link you received by e-mail, or that you can find on the private facebook group, or on the site’s members’ area). In a couple of weeks, this nominating phase will be over and we’ll move on to choosing among the finalists, to decide which film will receive the Grand Prix at the opening ceremony of the Festival de San Sebastián, following the steps of “The Other Side of Hope” (2017), “Toni Erdmann” (2016), “Mad Max” (2015), “Boyhood” (2014)… and so many more since “Magnolia” in 2010. 
Pamela Biénzobas